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Are you struggling to close your Joovy Ultralight Double Stroller? Well, you’re not alone! Many parents find it challenging to fold a double stroller, especially if they are new to it. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of closing your Joovy Ultralight Double Stroller, ensuring that you do it correctly. And if you’re also looking for instructions on how to fold a BOB double stroller, be sure to check out our article on that topic too. Let’s get started!

The Joovy brand has been manufacturing strollers for years now. The company possesses expertise in the field and continuously releases new, innovative products that make you wonder how it could get any better. A popular new model is the Ultralight Double Stroller, which is perfect for families with two kids who don’t want to be burdened with an overly bulky stroller. The following blog post discusses Joovy’s newest product and shows you how to close a Joovy ultralight double stroller once you are done using it.

Steps for Closing the Joovy Double Stroller

How To Close A Joovy Ultralight Double Stroller
  1. The first step is to release both seat belts. The seats will move forward once this has been done, and you will be able to place one hand on each side of the frame at waist height and push the back of the seat down onto your arm and drop it down until it folds in half. If there are any gaps, you can close them up by tucking them under themselves until they are completely covered up.
  2. Secondly, buckle your child into his or her car seat or stroller-carrier as normal. Before closing things up, make sure nothing is left inside!
  3. The third step is to lock the frame in place. To do this, first push down on the handle of your stroller to open it up before closing it again. This will create a gap that you can use to carry your closed stroller hands-free. To close the frame, place one hand at waist level on each side (on both sides) and push it down until it secures tightly against itself. There are no openings or gaps. Make sure you check behind each buckle strap and attachment point before you lock them into place.
  4. Fourth Step: Put away any extra seats, toys, or covers you have handy in their designated storage area.

Things to Remember while Folding the Stroller

Close A Joovy Ultralight Double Stroller
  • While folding, keep children away from the stroller.
  • Take off any infant carriers that have been installed on the stroller. Despite the presence of the car seat carrier support, the stroller can be folded.
  • The handlebar of the stroller should be closest to you.
  • Close the canopy and push it as far forward as it will go toward the front of the stroller.
  • If necessary, rotate the front seat to the most upright position.
  • Make sure the brakes on both rear wheels are locked.
  • Lock both front wheels in place with the locking levers facing forward.
  • Fold the stroller completely by pushing the handle all the way forward and downward.
  • As soon as the stroller starts folding, you can push the handle down and forward until the stroller is folded completely.
  • Push the stroller forward using the handlebar while these mechanisms are in the upward position.
  • Push the stroller forward using the handlebar while these mechanisms are in the upward position. completely folded. CAUTION: While folding the stroller, be careful to keep your fingers from being pinched by moving parts.
  • Utilizing the handlebars of the stroller, move forward the stroller while the mechanisms are in the up position over the extended rivet.



In conclusion, closing a Joovy Ultralight Double Stroller can seem daunting if you are new to it, but with these easy-to-follow steps, you can do it in no time. Remember to follow the precautions and take your time to ensure that you close the stroller correctly. By doing so, you will keep your stroller in excellent condition, and it will last you for years to come.

How much does the Joovy Ultralight Double Stroller weigh?

The Joovy Ultralight Double Stroller weighs 26 pounds.

Can I fold the stroller with the seats attached?

No, the seats need to be removed before folding the stroller.

How do I clean the stroller?

You can clean the stroller with a damp cloth and mild soap. Do not use any abrasive cleaners or solvents.

Can the stroller fit through a standard doorway?

Yes, the stroller has a narrow design that allows it to fit through most standard doorways.

How many reclining positions does the stroller have?

The stroller has three reclining positions for each seat.

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